Compare the same survey across concepts, audiences or geographies.

ComparisonPop is a beautifully simple system for getting answers across multiple targets, brands, pieces of content (e.g. ads, concepts, logos, package designs, etc.), or geographies, and getting it fast!

Whenever you need to understand the nuanced differences between different groups, ComparisonPop allows you to field the same survey multiple times among different targets, in different cities, states, countries, OR across different versions of any type of creative content. It then allows you to plot your results side-by-side on our interactive charting tool so you can see differences between the different cells. It even allows you to export the comparative charts in PowerPoint onto your computer for instant editing and write up. Whatever it is you need to compare – ComparisonPop is designed for you.


Ask anything, from the business critical to the culturally specific.
Simple question formats, for the research expert or novice.
Upload up to 10 different stimulus for people to respond to if you wish.