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  • By accessing full survey templates for Ad Copy Testing (finished, rough, animatic, or storyboards), Branded Content Testing, Concept Testing, Brand and Ad Tracking
  • OR create your own by utilizing our 30 Pre-template questions (e.g. Ad Recall, Ad Likability, Brand Awareness, etc.) And more than a dozen question formats (e.g. Open End, Yes/No, Multiple Choice Single or Multi Select, 3, 5, 7, 10 pt Rating Scales, etc.)
  • Create your own content - Pop allows you to upload static & video stimulus
  • Create your own context by choosing from Pop's numerous norms across industry verticals or by taking advantage of our low prices to test & compare your gold standard assets or your most relevant competition's assets.
  • Create your visual story from the data (link here to "design" page)