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PopResearch® is a fully automated DIY research platform designed with advertisers in mind.

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PopResearch utilizes the latest in AI, Machine Learning, and Meta Data to ensure your research is of the highest quality, optimally relevant to you and your target audience, and to help you mine data insights.


Choose your audience from thousands of attitudinal, demographic and behavioral traits.


Create a custom survey specific to your brand, your advertising, your objectives.


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Set up your study in less than 15 minutes.


Submit your survey for results within 24 hours (in most cases).

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PopResearch automates research processes and you get the savings.


PopResearch provides a best in class research framework, question templates, and benchmarks as context for your results.


PopResearch lets you tailor your target audience, your survey, and your stimulus to match your objectives.

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Share graphic presentation of your results with colleagues & clients with a single click of the mouse.

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